A Sino-French crew aboard an offshore sailing trimaran will start on october 2017 from Paris to Shanghai to make the time reference of the Official Sailing Record Paris – Shanghai

Chinese and French people will share an amazing sports adventure to make Chinese people love the maritime environment, and bring the Nation to the highest international sailing level.

Chinese Yachting Odyssey  is a global project with different aspects :

> Political

The Chinese Yachting Odyssey will celebrate the friendship between France and China.
It is supported by Officials in France and in China, embassies in Beijing and Paris, and consulate in Shanghai.

> Sporting

An Offshore sailing record across the oceans reknown by the Official World Sailing Speed Record Council (WSSRC).
An adventure never made before : A pioneer spirit !

> Human feat

5 crew members from France and China will be at the control of the machine for 50 days and 50 nights.
A major challenge of endurance, vigilance and performance.
These 5 crew members, and especially the Chinese co-skipper will become HEROES in China.

> Technological

One of the fastest sailing yacht in the world : An offshore racing trimaran
This yacht goes to China and will stay there after an Asia Sailng Road Show, to propose to chinese sailors to discover this kind of racing yacht and train on it.
It is a good proof of know-how transfer and technologies from French sailing culture to China

> Green

This trimaran will sail without using a drop of fuel, only using green technologies onboard to produce the useful energy :

  • Hydrogenerators
  • Solar panels
  • Wind turbines

100% Green energies > Innovation can change the World !